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My Turkish Residence Permit was Returned to the Immigration Office

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I applied for a residence permit a few months ago, and I didn't receive any answer. After calling 157 they told me that the card has been sent and gave me a PTT track number. By typing it in the track system of PTT I see that my card was sent about 40 days ago and they sent it back to the sender, and when using their WhatsApp system they are saying that it has been sent to the immigration office in Ankara. I would like to know how can I retrieve my card? I am looking for it as soon as possible.

Did anyone experience a situation like this, and what did you do? I am looking to go to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate, I am looking to demand an immediate dispatch of my card.

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If the residence permit card is undeliverable for some reason, it's kept by the post office for seven days. Then they send it back to the immigration office. You can go to the immigration office where you applied, without an appointment, and get it from there. The residence permit card is sent from Ankara, so the local immigration offices won't send it again. You have to go there and get it.

That's the procedure and always has been, and I don't know why it was undeliverable. It was probably some issue with the post office. So personally I wouldn't go there demanding anything. Just be polite and ask for your card and they'll find it and give it to you. Take with you your current residence permit or passport, and any other document they gave you which has your application number (probably a memorandum saying they received your application) just in case.

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