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Since TR Gov is demolishing unsafe buildings, how old of the building should we avoid?

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Hi there, it seems like the Turkish Gov has this initiative to demolish buildings that are built with subpar earthquake resistance or subpar construction quality.

I've heard that buildings 5 year old or newer have stricter requirements and better resistance towards earthquakes. 

Is it true? Should I only shop for buildings 5 years or newer to avoid the possibility of it being demolished due to subpar construction or poor sound insulations?

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I haven't heard it was five years. May I ask where you read or heard that?

I had heard that one should buy a home which was built substantially after 1999, when the İzmit earthquake caused lots of poorly-built buildings to fall. A lot of builders went to prison for that. I also talked to a developer who said that the recent rules make it difficult to do much in the way of custom designs, and that was some eight years ago.

The way it is now for new builds, local inspectors which belong to a licensed organization, sanctioned by the government, visit the construction site to ensure quality materials and sound methods are used in construction. This organization is called the Yapı Denetim Ofisi (Building Inspection Office). There is one in every major city, you will need to find out where your local office is. You can get a copy of their report for a fee, or perhaps you can get it with the purchase documents.

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