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Update Address for Residence Permit and Query for Deposit

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I signed a one-year lease contract last September, but I moved out of the apartment last Thursday. Now I stay in a hotel. I have 2 questions:

  1. What documents should I need to send to the immigration office to update my address?
  2. The contract said that if I move out before the contract ends, I will not get my deposit back. That’s why my ex landlord refused to refund my deposit. Is there nothing I can do about it?
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You need to get a signed and stamped letter from the hotel, using their letterhead, stating that you live there and what room you're in. The immigration specialist will uprate your address in the central address system (it includes hotel rooms).

Actually you got off easy just losing the deposit. The contract is actually in force for a full year and technically you would have to pay for the full year. The deposit is supposed to cover damages. The landlord could theoretically sue for the entire one year payment but courts normally award two or three months to cover their loss of rent income while the apartment is empty. But landlords seldom do this.

I'm not a lawyer, that's based on conversations I've had with lawyers. So unfortunately I don't think you'll be getting your deposit back since you broke the contract, and you would have no legal basis to get it back.

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