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How Do I Save on Taxes and Commissions During a Property Purchase in Turkey?

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It seems like Taxes and Commissions would be an extremely costly add-on piggy backing on the sales price of a property.

If the property i'll purchase  is 500k Liras, if taxes is 4% and commission is 3%, wouldn't I be paying 35000 TRY in fees alone, minus all other small fees such as earthquake insurance, inspection and documentation fees?

Are the taxes and commissions separate from the listing price on Hurriyet Emlak? Can they be negotiated into the sales price?

Any tips and suggestions? Since an extra 35000 Lira would almost certainly deal a blow to my overall budget.

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You are correct that taxes and commissions are separate from the prices listed on Hurriyet Emlak and other platforms. It is not standard practice to negotiate these charges into the sales price. The agents charge their commission separately from the property price and the tax is calculated on the fiscal value of the property as determined by and paid at the tapu (property title deed) office. By law the 4% tax is meant to be split between seller and buyer but in practice the buyer usually ends up paying the total amount.

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