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Where are the Solar Water Heaters Placed if you Live on the Top of a Building in Turkey?

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So when I am doing my property research I see a lot of solar water heaters place on the top floor. So are those solar water heaters occupying my space if I purchase a top floor unit? Or are the neighbors solar water heaters using a space that does not belong to anybody on top of the floor? What if those neighbors solar water heater leaks on to my property?

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In my apartment, they're on "my" roof. Most apartments seem to have a stairway with an opening on the roof, so repairmen would go up and repair them, and you wouldn't see them. In my apartment, they take the elevator to my floor, then open a door to my terrace, then climb a ladder to the roof.

I've had a few of them leak onto my terrace. On the water heaters is a number corresponding to an apartment number. So I climb up the ladder, see which one is leaking and note the number, then go to the apartment to let the occupants know their water heater is leaking. Then they call somebody to fix it. They usually fix it in a day or so.

If they don't fix it, you can always inform the yönetici (apartment manager) of the problem and they'll insure that it gets fixed.

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Can we refuse to have anybody else's water heater to be installed on Our roof?

Imagine if its in the US, nobody who lives top floor would allow this to happen.

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The water heaters will already be installed when you buy the apartment. And the roof won't belong to you since you'll only own the living space of your own apartment. If you don't want other people's water tanks and solar heaters installed on the roof, you would have to buy a villa, so you would own the actual building and land rather than just the living space within a shared building.

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