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Will my non TR purchased cellphone work in Turkey again this October?

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Hi there, this is in regarding to the 120 day rule of non Turkish taxed cell phones getting blocked using a Turkish Sim Card.

If I have used the phone in January 2021 for a couple days with a Turkish sim card and then left Turkey, will my phone work with a new Turkish sim card when I go there this October?

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The 120-day period a foreigner can use their mobile phone in Turkey without registration has been extended to 365 days because of the pandemic.

You can't just change the SIM card and get more time. That's because the system records the  International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the phone itself.

I read in a Facebook group that if you leave Turkey and return, the time period you can use the phone without registration starts all over again. No source of the information was provided. So today I went to the Turkcell shop on my street to ask them. Unfortunately, they didn't know. But they gave me a telephone number of the Bilgi Teknologileri ve İletişim Kurumu (Information Technologies and Communication Authority, or BTK) at 120. I called that number but there was no English option and my Turkish normally isn't good enough for such a complex conversation.

On Monday a friend of mine is coming over, and her Turkish is excellent. I'll ask her to call and find out for sure.

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Major appreciations! If she can solve such a perplexing question, it would help so many visitors lol! This cell phone lock thing is genuinely unreasonable. 

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