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How Much in Savings is Required for a Turkey Residence Permit?

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I would like to say thanks in advance for this site as it seems like a great help to everyone who uses it. My question is I would like to get a residence permit short term to begin with then onto a long term. Am I right in thinking that savings in my bank account will be sufficient to receive a residence permit? And how much would be required?  Must I also pay tax in Turkey to receive a long term residence permit as i work as a freelancer.  Also if I eventually buy a property in Turkey and apply for a long term residence permit, is there anyway I can be refused once I have already purchased the apartment. One question that just popped into my head how is the heat in Antalya? I hear it can be rather difficult to deal with? I also hear that English is not so widely spoken in the Konyalti area of Antalya it is Russian?

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Thank you, Thinkingflyer. Savings in the bank would be enough, as long as it amounts to at least the Turkish minimum wage for the amount of time you want to stay. For a short-term residence permit, that could be for up to two years.

When you register online for your residence permit, the system will ask you how much money you have to support yourself. so you would take the amount of money you have and divide that by 12, if you're going to apply for a one-year residence permit.

Later, when you go to your appointment, they'll want to see a printout of the last six months of your banking activity. It doesn't have to be in a Turkish bank, it can be your bank at home.

You can learn more about how to prove you have enough money here:

It also has the Turkish minimum wage for 2021 so you'll be able to figure out the minimum you'll need. If you have a spouse or children you'll need one third of the minimum wage for each one.

You can get a long-term residence permit after you've lived in Turkey for eight years. You don't have to buy property to get one. You just have to be in Turkey for eight years with a residence or work permit.

What tax you pay has nothing to do with what kind of residence permit you have, it depends on how much time you spend in Turkey per year. You should search for a copy of your country's tax treaty with Turkey to see how much time you have to be in Turkey for it to become your "tax home."

I talked to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services and they said that if you're freelancing online doing business with Turks, you'll need to apply for an independent work permit. If you're doing business in the world in general and not directly with Turks or Turkish businesses, you'll need to apply for an independent work permit once your tax home becomes Turkey.

Generally the policy is that if you buy property, you get a residence permit in Turkey, unless there is something else barring you from getting a residence permit.

It is hot in Antalya and you'll probably need an air conditioner. As far as English in Konyaaltı goes, you can probably find people nearby who can speak English.

Note: A friend of mine and I called the Ministry again to learn where in the law it said this. It turns out that the information I was given above (which is crossed out) is wrong. See my post below for an explanation.

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  • Ken Grubb changed the title to How Much in Savings is Required for a Turkey Residence Permit?

My friend and I called the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services again today. I wanted to learn where in the law it said that a foreign online worker must get a residence permit once their tax home became Turkey.

They said that the information I was given by one of their workers was wrong (I have crossed it out above).

The only thing that triggers the requirement for a work permit is when a foreign online worker does business directly with a Turkish company or individual, selling goods or services, getting paid or cutting invoices. If a foreigner doesn't do any of that, they may work online in Turkey indefinitely without a work permit.

The fact that a foreigner's tax home becomes Turkey has no effect on the need for a work permit.

The law covering work permits is No. 6735, which doesn't even mention foreign online workers. However, the definition of working in Turkey is established as I have explained above.

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