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What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Turkey Residence Permit as a Property Owner?

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Firstly, the information you read about needing a bank account to demonstrate $500 USD of income per month is outdated by a few years. I'm assuming you're talking about opening a Turkish bank account. You don't have to open a Turkish bank account.

The only thing you need is a bank statement from your bank in your home country, going back six months, showing your income and expenses.

In my case, I just download my account activity from my US bank account in PDF format and printed it. No notarization required, just a regular printout.

The amount you need to show must be at least equal to or more than the Turkish minimum wage.

Have a look at these two articles.

Please let me know if anything in the articles is unclear or if you have any questions.

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I just read your mail and digest the huge amount of information you kindly provided.

Is the most important thing that...

If I can provide the bank account with "SUFFICIENT" saving for my expenditure here,and I will be evaluated individually by the officer, even though there is only 150 USD  "interest" income  my bank account activities in last 6 months??

Thanks so much again for your patience to review and to  provid me these information.

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  • Ken Grubb changed the title to What Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Turkey Residence Permit as a Property Owner?

I just noticed that I failed to reply to this topic. The money you have to live on, whether from income or savings, must be at least the Turkish minimum wage. The Turkish minimum wage for 2021 is in the article I linked to above.

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