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What do I need to do before going to Turkey while preparing in Nevada?

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Hi there, since my current room rental lease won't expire until October of this year, I still have roughly 6 months of time to hang around here in Southern Nevada to get myself better prepared for the time spent in Turkey.

What do I need to do to get myself prepared better in these 6 months, or get as many things I can get done completed so I have less tasks or burdens in Turkey?

Several things I have done so far or am planning to do

1 Sold my car, sold as many items of mine that can be sold, throwing away a few items a day so I can go with a clean set of portable luggages

2 Went to my dental appointment earlier this month, have an annual physical appointment this May, and completed my 2nd Covid vaccine shot

3 Learn some Turkish when I can 

4 Save some money in a dedicated bank account so I can submit the statement for Ikamet purposes. 

5 Booked the plane ticket to Newark NJ this October, will book the ticket to Antalya after I arrive in Newark and after obtaining a negative PCR test

Any other things uncles and aunts can suggest me doing besides these aforementioned tasks and errands among these 6 waiting months in Southern Nevada?

Any other things I can do to lessen my burden while physically in Turkey, any other things I should get done in the states before departing?

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I had been making a list of such things and just had a look at it.

One thing that helps is earplugs, for sleeping on the plane and if you end up in a hotel that's noisy. There's a brand called Mack's which you squeeze and insert into your ear, then they expand to block out most noise. I haven't seen them here and have had to get them when I was back in the States.

You should have at least one credit card besides your ATM card. If you lose your ATM card, it takes a long time to get one sent to you in Turkey.

Contact your bank and tell them that you'll be in Turkey and when. If you suddenly start using it in Turkey without letting them know, they'll probably block it, thinking it's been stolen.

Make sure any electronics you bring will also work on 220 volt electricity. Most electronic devices will. You'll need to get adaptors because the electrical plug is different. Here it's a two-pronged round European plug. You could get these on Amazon before you leave, or you can get them here at any electrical shop, which are abundant in Antalya. Here they call it an "American adaptor." 

When I go back to the States, the main thing I buy is clothing and shoes. Like Levi's jeans, which are more expensive here, and whatever styles I like since the styles are somewhat different here. I also get Haines underwear in the USA, I can't find it in Turkey. The type they have here isn't the same.

I can't think of anything else. Maybe someone else has some ideas.

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