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Short term work in Turkey for a UK-based company

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I am a UK citizen holding a British passport, working for a UK-based company with no presence in Turkey. I'd like to work from Turkey for 15 days whilst my partner acclimatises before a swimming competition (COVID permitting). I can't find anything useful regarding requirements for a work permit in this situation - is anyone familiar? In particular, any documentation from official sources would be very helpful.

If I come across anything useful I shall post it back here, too.

Many thanks,


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I haven't seen anything official in writing about this. But I did call the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services about this before. They said if you're not doing business directly with Turkish people or businesses, you can work from home without a work permit. They also said the point where you would need to get a work permit is when your tax home becomes Turkey. That normally happens after you've been in Turkey for around six months.

So in your situation, you can work from home without a permit. If you'd like to verify this, you can call the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services at 170 from any telephone in Turkey. From outside of Turkey, you can call +90 216 170 1122.

Note: The information I have crossed out above is wrong. I am correcting it in my next post.

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A friend of mine and I called the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Security again today. We called to ask where in the law it said a foreign online worker needed a work permit once their tax home became Turkey.

They said the information I was given previously (which I have crossed out above) is incorrect.

The only thing that causes a foreign online worker to require a work permit is when they do business directly with a Turkish company or individuals, selling products or services, getting paid, and cutting invoices. If they don't do any of those things, they can continue to work online indefinitely.

They also said that when a foreign online worker's tax home becomes Turkey, it does not trigger the need for a work permit.

The law about work permits is No. 6735, which doesn't cover foreign online workers. In fact, there is no law about foreign online workers. However, the definition of working in Turkey is established as I have described above.

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Yes unfortunately the law doesn't cover online workers. But the HR team can call the number above and get it directly from them if they want. Thankfully no fires near where I am (none I can see anyway). I hope they get them under control quickly. I hope you enjoy your time in Turkey!

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