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Does Turkey have frozen cooked veggies and frozen cooked burritos?

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Hi there, so I just had a good meal here in Las Vegas Nevada, composed of frozen cooked broccoli, frozen cooked Chimichangas and I'll probably have some fortified Kellogg cereal for desert. 

I know that I can probably buy local foods when I am in Turkey, but can I find these identical items while I'm in Antalya? I mean pre-cooked frozen vegetables and pre cooked frozen burritos/ tacos/ burgers/ chimichangas that simply requires a swift microwave to prepare. 

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You can find frozen vegetables in any supermarket. Broccoli is one of them. Also corn, green beans, etc. They aren't pre-cooked though. For that you would have to buy something in a can or jar. Unfortunately there are no chimichangas. They do have raw hamburger patties that are frozen, but they're not as good as what you would find in the USA.

You can get Special K here. It's common. Unfortunately all of the cereals here have more sugar in them than in the USA, even the granola!

There are no microwave burritos or tacos. For that you would have to go to a Mexican restaurant. There are a couple of them in Lara. Zoom in until you can see them, around the markers for Escobar Mexicano.:

You can also find tortilla chips (which aren't Doritos, taco shells and tortillas at a store called Macro Center in the Terra City Mall, also in Lara.

The "ready to eat" food isn't as much of Turkish culture as it is a part of American culture. So there isn't as much effort to produce high-quality ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat foods.

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Great information Mr. Grubb! It is eyeball-popping that there are Mex restaurants in Antalya! Great to know but I can imagine they are probably not on the cheap side. 

Yeah raw food is a pain, I really am not into cooking, probably need to get canned food and then microwave in Antalya then.

Probably will have to adjust my stomach with the Turkish ready-to-eats, and maybe eat out at fastfood restaurants more.

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There's a food delivery service here called Yemek Sepeti (Food Basket). It's at www.yemeksepeti.com

Yemek Sepeti has lots of restaurants that will deliver to your door. And the food is very inexpensive here compared to the USA. You won't have to cook.

You just sign up and enter your address details, and you can order from a variety of restaurants over and over again.

It depends on where you are, but here in Muratpaşa, Antalya, you can get lots of different Turkish foods, and also Pizza Hut, KFC, Popeye's, and Arbys, besides the usual McDonalds and Burger King, delivered to your door.

There's a version of the burrito here in Turkey if you haven't heard of it. It's called a döner. Wrapped in a soft pide (pita), it contains chicken or beef (the crispy part is shaved off of a vertical spit as it cooks) with tomatoes, lettuce, etc., If you like burritos, you'll probably like the döner. You can also get them delivered to your door.

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1 hour ago, Ken Grubb said:

You can also get them delivered to your door.

Good point dear sir! Another question is that how do we prevent ourselves from being a victim of a restaurant rip off? I was searching around and found that numerous Turkish restaurants have been ripping their tourists off, one example is that tourists asked for the price of a plate of Kebap, say 55 TL, but in the end the price is 95TL because they did not specify which size was the 55 TL kebap for. Say the 55 TL was only for a small Kebap, but the customer was served a "large" kebap and got a 95 TL bill shoved down his throat.

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In the vast majority of restaurants you won't be ripped off. The price is the price. But to make sure, you can ask for both a Turkish menu and an English menu. Tell them you're learning Turkish. Then check the prices on both menus. They'll most likely be the same though. Any rip-offs are most likely to happen in places where there are a lot of tourists.

I have heard of cases where the bill has more on it than what the menu said. I've never experienced it, I've just heard it. I have also heard of this happening in bars, where a customer loses count of how many drinks they've had. Has that happened to me? Uhh... I don't remember. :boozing:

As for the case you mentioned, we don't know the details of what really happened. But from my experience, if the waiter said the price was ₺55, the customer should have insisted on paying ₺55 and stuck to it. The customer would have won the argument.

By the way, Turkish restaurants are required to display their prices. So you'll see the actual price on the menu, or displayed somewhere in the restaurant.

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Sounds fair and square. I guess the take away is to avoid or be extra leery of the restaurants in the tourist areas, order from Yemek Sepeti, or eat more at home with food bought from Supermarkets such as Carrefour.

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I don't think the take away is to be leery. I wouldn't worry too much about getting ripped off. It's not a widespread thing. When it does happen, it gets on the internet, and people get the idea that it happens all the time. You're likely to find that the times you get ripped off are few and far between.

The last time I was ripped off by a restaurant was like ten years ago. I was in the middle of nowhere visiting some ancient site few foreigners came to. No prices were displayed, and there was no menu. One could hardly call it a restaurant, but it was the only place to eat for miles.  When I got the bill it was far above what I expected. I could have argued and gotten a lower price. But I felt sorry for them and just paid it. That's the only restaurant rip-off I've ever experienced in Turkey.

But if you want to be totally sure you're never overcharged anywhere, go with the Ronald Reagan approach when he was talking to Mikhail Gorbachev about nuclear disarmament:

Trust, but verify.

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