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How much extra percentage on top of listing price to account for fees and taxes?

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Say I am looking at a 3+1 in Antalya, the listing price is 380000, how much more lira I shall budget to account for the vat, miscellaneous taxes, fees and commissions? How much I could usually negotiate down?

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You pay 4% tax on the fiscal price of the property as shown on the title deed. The value shown there may or may not be the price you pay. This tax is meant to be shared by buyer and seller but in reality usually ends up being paid by the buyer.

There's no rule of thumb renegotiating prices, it will depend on whether the owner is in a hurry to sell, has a set figure in mind or something you'll never understand. You also have to pay earthquake insurance which was 175 to 250 TL in 2020, depending on the size of the property, a fixed land registry fee of 260 TL, land registry stamp duty of 485 TL as well as a fee to have the property inspected which I think is around 1500tl.

All figures are from 2020 so they will have gone up this year. Real estate agents charge 2-6% commission on the sale price of the property which is meant to be split between buyer and seller, but usually the owner tells the agent how much they want for the property and buyer pays all the commission.

Other costs will include translation and notary fees.

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Thanks to Goreme for that info!

If I may, I'd like to add something here.

Real estate agents in Turkey often list a property for more than what the seller is asking.

For example, a seller will go to a real estate agent, probably several of them, and say "I want ₺400,000 for my property."

Then the agent thinks "hmmm... we can sell this property for ₺450,000."

If it sells at that ₺450,000, the real estate agent gives the seller their ₺400,000 and keeps the extra ₺50,000 in addition to their commission. That's why you'll often see the same property being sold by different real estate agents at different prices.

So when you negotiate, assume this is going on. Bid lower than the listing price. And always be ready to walk away.

Also, learn the median price for the property you want, where you want to buy it. The median price is one form of average. The average we all know about is to add all of the prices and divide by two. This doesn't work for real estate because there will be exceptionally high and low prices which will throw off the average. For real estate, it's the median price that's used as the average.

So go to one of the property sales websites in Turkey and enter the location and type of property you want. Count the number of listings, then go to the middle listing. The price of the property in the middle listing will be the median price.

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