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Turkish Banks that Don't Charge Monthly Fees or Fees on Deposits

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As you can see, PTT's checking account does charge fees on EACH withdrawal, no matter you deposit the cash in person or using ATM. 


I did learn from the earlier post that YapiKredi does not charge fees to deposit, withdrawal or maintain accounts, is it still true?

Any other banks does not charge fees on depositing, withdrawing, and maintaining accounts or debit cards?

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I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

Yapıkredi isn't charging me anything for ATM withdrawals or deposits. The debit card was free. Also, they're not charging me anything to maintain the account.

However, I don't know if that's because I maintain a certain balance. You should ask them (or any bank) if have a minimum balance to get the fees waived.

Yapıkredi did charge me a fee for transferring US dollars to a US dollar account. But they didn't charge me any fee when I transferred US dollars to a Turkish Lira account. But you can lose money on the exchange rate depending on which of these options you use. A better exchange rate can offset the cost of the fees for this.

The interbank exchange rate is different from Yapıkredi's rate (it's the same way with all banks). So if you want to transfer money from your country's currency to any bank in Turkey, check to see what rate will be used by your bank in your home country to convert the currency and what rate Yapıkredi is using, to decide if you want to have your money automatically converted to Turkish Lira, or if you want to transfer the money into an account in the same currency and convert it with the Turkish bank. It can vary a lot.

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Gotcha. Thank you so much for your kind reply and introducing YapiKredi to me! I am shocked to see that PTT checking accounts charge its users for DEPOSITING money into its account! Very few banks would get away with this here in the US...

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If you pay two monthly bills by direct debit (otomatik ödeme) then Yapı Kredi don't charge you to maintain a current (checking) account.

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Ah! You're right, Çukurbağlı. I do have automatic payments set up. In fact, now I remember that when I first set up the account, Yapıkredi charged me a fee for my first two transactions. Then Yapıkredi re-deposited the money they had previously charged as a fee and hasn't charged any fees since. It was because I had set up my automatic payments.

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