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Citizenship by investment question

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Hello everyone.
My family and i. Wife and a child are interested in buying some real estate to get Turkish citizenship.  But we couldnt find all the needed information.

We are going to buy 3 flats for a total of 360000usd + a piece of land worth +/- 50000usd (village, isolated land on a cliff with sea view)

Is it mandatory to buy all real estate in the same town? or the same neighborhood?

Is it possible to buy flats lets say one today, the second a week later and the rest another week later? or it has to be registered the same day? 


Concerning the money. We have a lot of restriction in my country that make any money transfer impossible legally. Instead we buy dollars from people we pay in local money and they make the transfer from other countries and The real estate would be bought using that money (i have all documents showing the money is legal 'inheritance' ). 

Can we buy real estate with money already in turkey? or do we have to buy each flat/land with wire from outside Turkey? 




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You only need to have a total of $250,000 invested in property. It doesn't have to be the same property or in the same place. It just has to total, after an appraisal which is part of the process, to more than $250,000 USD. You can even split up the investments according to their minimums, between various types of qualifying investments.

The way it works is that you must apply for a document called a Certificate of Compliance, which says you meet the minimum investment level for citizenship. From the article I wrote on this:


The property must be appraised by a government-authorized appraisal company that issues a valuation report. The tapu (property title deed), must also have a notation that you won't sell the property for three years. The local land registry office will then request a Certificate of Compliance from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

So you would just have to have the minimum amount invested in property when you get the certificate of compliance.

You can buy real estate with money in Turkey. It doesn't matter if the money is in Turkey or transferred to Turkey, it will be in Turkey when the purchase is made, anyway. What matters is that the total investment equals the equivalent of $250,000 or more when the certificate of compliance is issued.

Have a look at this article, where I cover the entire process and requirements in depth:

I've actually written several articles about Turkish citizenship. You can find them all here:


And this may also help. As I understand it, there is a group of government officials involved in this citizenship by investment program. This group creates a "fast track" to citizenship for foreigners who invest in Turkey. I haven't been able to find any contact information for this group, but I know they involve officials from the Property Title Deed and Land Registry Office, and also the Citizenship and Population Affairs Directorate.

Here's the website and contact info for the Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü (Property Title and Land Registry Office):

Telefon : 0 312 413 60 00
E- Posta : [email protected]

If you're in Turkey, you can call them at 181 from any telephone for free.

Here's the contact info for the Nüfus ve Vatandaşlık İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü (Citizenship and Population Affairs Directorate). It's usually just called the Nüfus.

Telephone: 0 312 591 2100 - 0 312 591 2101 - 0 312 591 2102
There's no e-mail address listed on the site.

You can call them at 199 from any telephone in Turkey for free.

Both of these numbers probably have an English option, I know for sure the Nüfus does.

Ask them for information about the fast-track program for foreigners who want to become citizens by investment.

Obviously there's a lot of money involved here, and I want you to know that I'm not a real estate agent or a lawyer. I'm a retired investigator from the USA who has lived in Turkey for a long time, and who researches these things and writes about them, hopefully making them easier to understand.

If you need a lawyer to help, contact our community lawyer, Mr. Ender Keleş. If you just have legal questions please ask them here and he'll reply. If you need to hire him, you can contact him using the contact form he has here:

Contact an English-speaking Turkish Lawyer

I hope that helps, and I wish you the best of luck in your investment, and your citizenship!

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