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Covid 19 Vaccination in Turkey

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Good point, Fada. I'm very grateful to the people working on getting this pandemic under control, especially to those who developed these vaccines. And most of all to the healthcare workers who risk their lives treating the victims of the virus. When I think about that, I can't possibly consider wearing a mask and following the other rules as an inconvenience.

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Hi Everyone,

I am having problems with taking the appointment for COVID vaccination. I am Turkish resident since 2015 and i am 45 years old and i live in Antalya. From today is possible to be vaccinated from the age 40 and older. I registered with e-nabiz but when i try to take an appointment the website says:

COVID-19 pandemik aşılaması için belirlenen öncelikli grupta değilsiniz. Aşılama için Bakanlığımızın belirlediği öncelik sıralaması göz önünde bulundurularak durumunuz günlük değerlendirmelerle güncellenebilecektir. Sağlık çalışanı iseniz, çalıştığınız kuruma başvurarak bilgilerinizin güncellenmesini sağlayınız.

When i made the registration i did not choose any Family Physician.(maybe this is the problem?)

I read that some of you have been helped by a local clinic in Antalya, could you please let me know its name.

It is very urgent. Thanks in advance,




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My son is in this age group so I checked today  and yes, he is eligible.  When you make an appointment online, it asks whether you want Pfizer or Sinovac, then you get a choice of your Family physician or nearest hospital.  

@Emilio Perhaps check your date of birth is registered correctly, then try adding a Family physician (bearing in mind you cannot change it for at least 3 months).  Failing that, try calling 182, hoping they can help figure it out.... Good luck! :) 

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@Emilio For the first shot, I just chose a clinic near my home. I went early thinking there would be a long line. There was only one person there besides me. After he got his shot, I walked in and got mine. Very quick and easy, and probably 30 minutes before my appointment time.

For the second shot, there was a line. Maybe ten people. Then because I got the Sinovac as my first shot, I had to wait for somebody to come give it to me. The wait was maybe 30 minutes.

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Just to give everybody an update of my situation.

Today i have been to antalya il sağlık müdürlüğü in kepez to see what kind of problem i have with vaccination appointment.

Thay said that there was a problem with my address. ( very strange i have the same address with nufus since 2017).

Anyway, they told me to wait some days and then try again on e nabiz to book the vaccination.

I want to ask you if you have a public doctor, i mean if you are registered with any aile sağlığı merkezi.


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My family & I are all registered with our local Sağlık Ocağı & I believe everyone under the SGK must be registered with a Family Physician.

My son was fortunate never to have needed to see a doctor & wasn't registered with e-nabız.  And as he registered he saw that a Family Physician had been allocated to him who was far out of our area. So we changed that online & made his appointment successfully online for this coming Monday.  You get to choose which vaccine you want during the appointment process.  

@Emilio How is your process getting along? :) 

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