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Are All Electronics Taxed in Turkey?

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I was wondering on few computer hardware and accessories to buy in turkey (router, CPU, ram etc). Are those taxed in turkey?

I know some electronics such as laptops are taxed, but what about routers, cameras etc.. are they?

Lastly can someone recommend for me a market where i can shop online in turkey and check the prices over there ?

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They are taxed, but just like everything else with a value added tax (VAT), also called KDV in Turkish. I believe the tax on electronic devices is 18%. I did some searching to find a list of tax rates for various items but all I can find are lists of tax reductions on various services because of the pandemic.

The value added tax is also included in the prices. I just went on HepsiBurada.com to look at some of the recent purchases I made (like a computer screen and an external hard drive), but it doesn't list the tax rate. It just says the KDV is included in the price.

I buy most of my computers and accessories from HepsiBurada.com. They have fast delivery, with delivery tracking. Sometimes the items are sold by HepsiBurada, sometimes by independent business who list there products on HepsiBurada.com. HepsiBurada means "everything here." It's like a Turkish Amazon.com.


One caution on ordering from them (or anybody else) online. Some of the cargo companies are not delivering to your door. They simply end you a text message to let you know that the item is at a local branch office. So you must take your mobile phone with that message, and your passport or residence permit, to pick it up.

The caution is that you must keep checking your SMS messages. If you miss it, the cargo company will send the item back to the sender.

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