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How long does it take to get Residence Permit in Istanbul nowadays from time of Appointment?

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Hey friends,

I have discussed my case on this forum before as well; it was regarding Muracaat belgi but I figured out that Istanbul is no more giving that paper and the only option we have is to wait for our residence permit to arrive before we could leave or it least it is positively assessed in the system.

My appointment was on 23.02.2021 and I had to give one missing document regarding my property title deed (tapu) which is provided on the next day on 24.02.2021 and my application was received. 

Now I wish to know how long does it usually take in Istanbul to get residence permit assessment and card in Istanbul nowadays? Mine is a renewal; I have 2 tapus on my name and it is my third time I am getting a renewal. 

I would also like to know; renewal applications and the first time applications take same time for assessment and card delivery or it is any different?

Looking forward for any help in this regard.

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Outstanding... not bad on the time then. It's about the same in Antalya.

Please do update when you actually get your card. As you've probably seen, a lot of people ask about how long it takes in Istanbul. It's great to have an actual example of the times involved.

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Well firstly, congratulations! I always feel better once I have that card in my hand. And secondly, thanks for the update! It's great to have that real-time information from someone actually going through the process. Thanks THY.

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