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NOTER credibility

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I have a question regarding noter. Consider someone has a document and it is translated by t he sworn translator and noter onays that one and also kaymakamlik approve it. Is this document considered legitimate inside turkey and can it be used for any embassy inside turkey if turkish language accepted by them? I mean what is the exact credibility of the noter?

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Not sure what you mean Star.  I could be wrong, but from what I understand, the noter doesn't independently verify the information in the documents for their truth or accuracy, but rather just register, witness & keep records of them, which can be retrieved at any time thereafter for whatever purpose.


Does anyone else have information on this?

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It is written like this


A notary, also called a notary public, is a person authorized to witness the signing of legal documents, usually concerned with deeds, estates. .

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The notary also makes an official public record of the document in Turkey. So whatever you have translated and notarized is also added to the Notary's official files. Once a foreign document is translated and notarized in Turkey, it is as official in Turkey as it is in the country it came from. So it can be used in Turkey.

When you say "embassy inside Turkey" you must be referring to foreign government embassies, so about that I don't know. Each country probably has its own rules.

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Thank you Ken,

The embassy said that we accept the turkish or polish language documents. My marriage one page certificate was prepared in Iran. So, as far as your post if the sworn translator translates it and noter approves it it would be considered as an official. Maybe it is better to translate it in polish and approves in noter and kaymakamlik to be in the safe side since it is the poland embassy.


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