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Residence permit renewal applied but have to leave Turkey before approval

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Hello friends, 

I have a situation, I own 2 houses in Turkey on which bases I have been getting 2 years residence permit since 4 years without a problem. 

Now I submitted my documents to the immigration office in Istanbul on 24th February and my old residence permit also expired on 24th February. 

The immigration office in Istanbul for some unknown reason isn't giving müracaat Belgi anymore and they said to wait for application acceptance message before leaving Turkey which can take around a month. 

But my university exams back in my country start from 2 March. For which I have to leave Turkey. With 4 days overstay and without müracaat Belgi if I leave turkey I may have to pay 4 days overstay ceza which i am ready to pay. 

My concern is if I leave turkey which my residence permit application is in process, can the immigration office cancel my residence permit application? 

If I pay 4 days overstay fine before leaving, upon my return to turkey will it be a problem for me to enter? 

Thanks, looking forward for advice. 

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If they don't give you the Residence Permit Application Document(the Müracaat Belgesi), normally you can call the Foreigners Communication Center at 157, and ask them for the e-mail address of the office where you applied. Then you send them an e-mail explaining your situation and asking for a Residence Permit Registration Document for travel. They say it can take one or two weeks, but I've seen people get it in a few days. So try that first. Each office has its own e-mail address so you'll need to learn where to send the request. That document gives up to 15 days of travel and re-entry without a visa.

Also give the 157 number a call. It's always best to verify things with them.

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Thanks Ken.

UPDATE: I have visited the Istanbul Airport in person (Now days They do not let anyone in without a ticket due to Corona virus) So going there was useless for me.

I contacted the immigration office helpline; I also contacted Istanbul Airport Visa and Polis (immigration) department and I also contacted the Fatih immigration office.

The result of all communication was:

Now days from February 2021 to until no one knows when: If you have applied for a residence permit renewal or new application; they only take your documents on a desk and do not put it in system. I will be in system in the coming days (how many days no one knows). Until it is in the system and your case has been decided either positive or negative. You can not get Muracaat Belgisi; and if you do not have that exit paper; even if you have receipt and first page of your application page; you can not exit Turkish Republic if your residence permit has expired. If you exit, you will need to pay overstay fee and you will most probably face a reentry Ban and your residence permit application will definitely will be cancelled and the fee you paid is lost. (Informed to me by Airport Police immigration department, the guys who stamp our passport exit and entry).

Now let us come to the Fatih immigration office statement: If you leave Turkey without your application final decision and without getting the Muracaat Belgi (fifteen days exit permission). Your exit will be flashed in our system and you residence permit application will surely be cancelled. If your residence permit is valid; you will leave without fine and no reentry fine but once you return you will need to again apply for residence permit; and your continuaty of residence permit will be lost and your time of stay in Turkey will start from zero. So it is not worth doing it. 

Now let me tell you about what the immigration office helpline 157 said. They said your documents are submitted and not in the system yet and if you live in Istanbul and apply from Istanbul; and you leave Turkey with your own will. Your residence permit application will probably will be cancelled. So it is better to wait.

So after all these talking and discussion; I have decided to for the moment leave my exams back in my country which I could also appear in the next annual which will be in October. Since it is my 5th Year in Turkey and upon completion of 8 years I plan to get a long term residence permit. I could not afford to risk my residence permit. After all it is a 5 years effort which is most important for me at the moment.

These information are valid for Istanbul and valid in the first 6 months of 2021. If someone reads it in future; talk to the competent authorities to know what's happening at those times.

Good luck.

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Unfortunately these guys have become very rigid now.. not much cooperative. As I returned after 13 months; I have seen a lot of change in the system, laws and the people behavior as well. And definitely much more inflation and prices hike.

But jokes apart, i truly believe that after this corona issue is over or at least it's peak is turned down; things should get easier because in the current system; if someone has applied for a residence permit; he can't leave country even though there is a big emergency in their homeland but they can't go. I find this to be very inhumane and unfair. you have all the rights to disagree with me.

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