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Mortgage experience for UK citizens buying in Turkey

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Hi Guys,

I am new to here, so go easy on me if I ask anything stupid :-)

My fiancée and I are looking to purchase in Mugla. with a view to living in the property. We are currently looking at places to rent first, so we can try out various areas before buying.


I just wanted to ask for guidance/opinions on how to get a mortgage. I've seen various posts online recommending HSBC Turkey, TR Bank etc. etc. - I just wanted to see what you guys think. I'll be looking to borrow approx. $150k and it'll be putting down 60% of the mortgage up front. 


Many Thanks,


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Hi JT, 

Wish you and your fiancée best of luck at your relocation plan to Turkey. Bodrum/Mugla is definitely a nice spot to settle :)

I am afraid that would not be very easy for a non-Turkish citizen who does not reside in Turkey and do not have prior credit score to a get mortgage loan.  You might think that there is no risk for the bank, given that they take the property as "security" for a possible failure of you not returning the loan, but in practice that does not work like that. Banks requires a good credit score, along with the property security. I also heard that in some cases, newcomers use their home country bank's as a guarantor to that mortgage loan and invite them to the table when they are discussing the terms with the Turkish bank.   

One of my clients managed to get a mortgage loan successfully after 3 years she has started residing in Turkey and becomes a tax payer. 

Good luck !

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