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please help . Printing stage took longer than usual , what are our options now ?

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hi there i would appreciate any help regarding this issue im going to briefly explain .

so, me and my girlfriend applied for a short stay residence permit at the same time , after about 70 days mine evaluated positively and just 5 days later my girlfriend also received a message about her application was evaluated positively .

so, after about 10 days i received my card at my door . we expected to receive hers in maximum a week after that but now it has been 3 weeks that we didn't receive her card . and when i go to the website it says that it is in printing stage ...

so, as we expected to receive our cards, we arranged a flight to go back home for like 2 months .

i want to know how long more should we wait since our flight is in 2 weeks , and if we don't receive it and we want to leave is it going to be a penalty for her or since her application was approved it's already ok for her to leave and come back after our short-term duration is over ?

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In short, she's okay because her residence permit has been approved. We had another Turkey Central member who lost their residence permit card while outside of Turkey, and when they came back and went through border control, the border control officer could see on their computer that he had a residence permit. Which would be your same situation. They'll be able to look on their computer and see that she has a residence permit. And she'll be able to walk right in.

In any case, there will be no penalty.

Give the Directorate General of Migration Management's Foreigner Communications Center a call at 157. There's an English option. Tell them about your situation and ask them about traveling and returning under the circumstances. It's better that you hear it from them than from me.

I'll bet the card will arrive before you leave. But now let's talk worst-case scenario, which is still pretty good.

Just in case, before you leave, make sure she has whatever document the immigration office gave her. That will be either a Residence Permit Application Document or a tebliğ-tebligat, which is an official communique which just says the immigration office has received her application and will process it. Also she should take the receipts for payment of the fees and have them when she re-enters. With that they should let her in without a visa.

Now let's say something goes wrong and they want her to get a visa. She can get one at the airport. So no worries there, either. Even if she has a valid visa and has gone past the number of days it allows, the only thing they'll do, at worst, is have her sign a document telling her to apply for a residence permit within 10 days. That's unlikely to happen since she's already applied and been approved, but hey, we're talking worst-case here.

Now lets say you've left without receiving the card. That's not a problem, either. The post office will keep her card for seven days, then send it back to the immigration office, where they'll keep it for several months. She would just have to go to the immigration office (no appointment required), and show her passport to get it.

So really I wouldn't worry about it. There might be a little additional hassle, but no penalty. I hope that helps and enables you to enjoy your time at home without stress.

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