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My Turkey Residence Permit Card is in the Printing Phase. Has My Application Been Rejected?

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Earlier my residence card was showing the status " There is a problem at the card printing stage. You need to visit DGMM office". I called GOC and they said they have fixed the photos problems and status will change soon. The status changed to under assessment but after few days the same error message started to appear again. I called 157 but it was of no help as they said call GOC and GOC said no problem at their end. GOC said there is no problem and today after more than a month when i checked the status, it was showing the message which i attached in the picture below. 

I asked a person who is also an agent told me that my application is cancelled thats why this message is there now. Please let me know if my application has cancelled or i can still get the card. My appointment was on Oct 20th. 




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Usama if you are in Istanbul the best thing to do is go to the GOC office at Fatih with all your paperwork (print out the message about your application) and ask what is happening. Going there is the only way to get a correct answer. There are usually long queues so don't go too late in the day. 

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If you're planning to live in the Esenyurt or Fatih district, they aren't accepting residence permit applications except for property owners and students. This became effective on 15 January 2021. Here's what the message says (translated by Google Translate):



         In the province of Istanbul;

       -For Fatih district; Except for the short-term residence permit requests within the scope of subparagraph (j) of the first paragraph of Article 31 of Law No. 6458 (for investment purposes) and students enrolled in universities in Fatih district;

         -For the district of Esenyurt; Excluding the short-term residence permit requests under item (b) of the same article (for immovable purposes) and the student residence permit requests of students registered in Esenyurt district, provided that the real estate is located in Esenyurt district. about to;

First applications made in Esenyurt and Fatih districts as of 15.01.2021 will not be accepted.

Respectfully announced to the public.



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