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Validation of Turkish Company

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Dear Madam/Sir

I am in touch with a Turkish company to form a business partnership.

They have provided me their business details as follows:

  1. IARS- Confederation, (IARS HAVACILIK MÜHENDİSLİK AR GE , Ltd, ŞTİ, Istanbul, Turkey).  (
    1. VAT-VKN  = 4650900073
    2. Address : Sefika Sokak, Delmar Elit Palace No.:4, Yenişehir, KURTKOY, 34912, İstanbul, Turkey

Website: www.doi360.com.

The company address given on website is: Osmanlı Blv. No:4, Yenisehir Mah, Kurtkoy,34912 Pendik/Istanbul

  • Another address given on their website is: Address: Yedikilim Institute, City Centre Belikesir Turkey



Try as I might, I have not been able to locate them on Turkish business registry gazette. Could someone please guide me as to how to confirm their credentials as a business entity?


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The only thing I can do to help is recommend a lawyer who can look in to their status. We have a community lawyer, Mr. Ender Keleş, who does such things. It probably won't be free, but at least you'll be able to learn if the company is legitimate or not. Mr. Ender has a contact form on our site here:


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