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Turkish Bank Account with No Fee, Easy to Open?

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I have heard a lot of red tape on getting a normal TR bank account with various banks.

I can't get a residence permit until I purchase a property, but many banks seem to require a residence permit in order to open a bank account.

Is Ziraat Bank still the only bank that would open an account with a Passport and a Tax Number?

Does Ziraat Bank's checking account have any monthly fees and nonsense like that?

Any other bank that would open checking accounts with a simple passport and a tax number?

Any no fee, or fee free banks one would recommend in TR?

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You can apply for a residence permit while staying in a hotel. So you could come to Antalya, stay in a hotel, get your residence permit explaining that you're looking for a property. They'll even give you a residence permit for one year or more that way. Then when you find the property you want and buy it, take the property title deed to the immigration office and change your address.

To use a hotel as your address, you'll need a letter from the hotel management, on hotel letterhead, explaining that you're staying there with the address and room number, and your dates of stay. It must by signed and stamped.

You don't need to open a bank account to get a residence permit. You can use proof of your funds from your home country to get your residence permit. Then after you get your residence permit you can open a Turkish bank account if you can't open one with your passport and tax number.

The reason banks don't like opening bank accounts for foreigners without residence permits is because there was a practice of foreigners transferring money (even borrowed money) into a Turkish bank account, getting their residence permit, then taking out all of the money (while not even bothering to close the account). But if you can convince the bank that you intend to keep your account there and use it, they're much more likely to let you open a bank account. Each bank and bank manager can decide whether or not to open a bank account on a case-by-case basis. So if they're sure you're going to be a longtime customer, any bank can open an account for you.

I use Yapıkredi. There are no fees for checking or savings accounts. I don't know if other banks charge fees. I don't know why they would, because you don't get any interest on the checking accounts.

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