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Buying a Shop in Turkey and Renewing Residence Permit

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I am curious that if I buy a shop in Turkey, I mean shop is a kind of property. So can I renew my residence permit every year based on my property. My reason of stay is my property (Shop). Please guide me. 

If the step one is not possible, can I setup the office of my company 2 Dollar Essay Education and shift it into my shop to renew my residence permit every year.

Please guide me about both possibilities.

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Hi Usama,just mentioning commercial property would be the quickest way of getting an immediate refusal of an RP as the officer would naturally think you're working or thinking of working and for that you need a Work Permit.
Also the address & property you give in your RP application must be a habitable one [house or apartment] not commercial.

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No Usama,i didn't forget,but there was no need to state that to answer your question. Like Ken here who owns this site,i too have my own site and files website and am well versed in RP's & WP application requirements.
WP's are not only applied for by prospective employers,it is possible to make your own WP application ,for example for self employment but only after holding continuous RP's for 5 years.

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There are various reasons why people can get a residence permit in Turkey. One of them is "property owner." Another one is "touristic" which includes renters. I've been a renter in Turkey since around 2001 and have renewed my short-term residence permit as a renter, owning no property, under the "touristic" category since then.

What I'm saying is that you may be able to get a residence permit as a renter without buying property. If you do, there are restrictions on extending residence permits for citizens of some countries, unless they have a compelling reason to stay. You can learn about the countries involved here. If you're from one of those countries, owning property in Turkey would be a useful reason to get a residence permit permit and extend it.

For the "property owner" residence permit application, I've never seen anything written about any difference between owning a residential property you live in and owning a commercial property.

That's why I'm asking Redders. He and I are probably the most knowledgeable foreigners in Turkey when it comes to residence permits. Sometimes Redders comes across information I haven't seen before.

Regardless of what Redders or I say, you should call the residence permit helpline at 157 in Turkey, or call their international number at +90 312 157 1122 and ask them. They are the ultimate authority on such things.

I don't see how owning a commercial property equals working in Turkey. I see no problem with owning a building and renting it out. Lots of people do it with vacation property so I don't see how there would be a restriction on doing the same with commercial property.

Last year I talked, in person, to an immigration officer at the immigration office. During the residence permit application interview, they always ask the foreigner if they'll be working in Turkey. So I asked him what would happen if the foreigner said they work as a freelancer on the internet. He said the immigration office doesn't get involved in working arrangements or work permits and that working issues are handled by the Aile, Çalışma, ve Sosyal Hizmetleri Bakanlığı (Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services).

That made me wonder why they ask the question in the first place. So it seems to me that the immigration office would not reject your application because you own commercial property or assume you'll be working secretly.

If you open a business in Turkey and work in it, yes, there are restrictions. Unless you can get special permission for a work permit to work in your business, you would have to open a Turkish business, then have the business hire you as its manager. Then hire at least five Turkish workers.

Is your business an online one which services anyone whether they're in Turkey or not? If so, I have some suggestions.

Redders, please correct me if I have any of this wrong.

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Evening Ken,

Your last couple of paragraphs are spot on.

My reason for what i stated earlier was ,a close friend of mine rented a ground floor area, which was to all intents & purposes a 'studio apartment.' She thought no more until her visa time was expiring & made her 1st RP application.

When at her interview & the immigration officer accepted her noterised rental agreement he then looked at her landlords tapu (property title deed) to notice it was listed there as a commercial area, i.e. an office. At this point he stated that he couldn't proceed with her RP application until the owner got a 'change of use' on the tapu back to residential.

Also although I've not seen anything official in writing it would make sense that when making the RP application you state your address, which must be naturally be where you live, so surely it follows that this should be a residential property not a shop, office or factory, etc.

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Thanks for the wonderful information. Yes I am a freelancer and work online. However, seeing the difficulties in renewal, i thought about buying any small shop like anything and then rent it out to add the reason of stay as "Property". I am not sure about Redders because lot of people said it can be renewed.

What do you recommend? Will it work? Will i be able to renew?

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I see what you mean, Redders. People can't use a commercial property as a residence. In fact, I've had the same problem with my apartment flat. Because my apartment was at first listed as a commercial property, I was unable to select it in the address section of e-İkamet (the online residence permit application system). It was in the drop-down list of registered properties, but un-selectable. So if anybody intends to use a commercial property as a residence, even the online system now prevents it.

I should have clarified something before I replied.

Usama, are you planning to buy a commercial property and use it as your residence, or are you planning to rent one property for your residence, then buy a second commercial property so you can say you're a property owner?

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You would have to live in a legally registered address which is classified as a residence whether you own it or not. As I said I've never heard of anyone using commercial property to get a residence permit as a property owner. I haven't seen anything in the laws that says you can't. But the ultimate authority for this is the immigration office, so to be sure, the best thing to do is call them and ask. The number is in my previous post. They're quite helpful and friendly.

Also consider the rent cost savings of owning a property. There may be problems collecting rent from whoever is occupying your property, forcing you to be a debt collector. It's always a good idea to rent first to make sure you like where you live. So you could get a residence permit as a renter, then find a place you like and buy it, as your residence. But again as far as commercial property goes, you'd have to call the immigration office and make sure it qualifies as for a residence permit as a property owner.

Even if it doesn't it gives you a reason to live in Turkey, which should help you to extend, but call the immigration office to be sure.

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We had a similar issue. In brief: Not only the property has to be residential, the applicant has to be actually living in that property in order to apply for residence based on property ownership. 

We very recently bought a small and cheap studio apartment just so we can finally apply for 2 years and this was after spending months unable to find a nice place that we'd wanna live in. We thought we did everything properly and even hired consultants who saw no issue in us buying an apartment that has tenants, one lawyer even assured me I could buy commercial property (he was wrong).

I also called 157 several times to learn about our options. 157 made it clear early on that commercial property wouldn't be an option, but whoever answered me the first time told me I can opt for a residential property that has tenants as long as I state in the application the address where I'm currently living. That made sense so we went for it, but it turned out to be wrong information, so now we own an apartment but we're back to the only option of renewing for one year based on touristic purposes.

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