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Is there a Turkish word like "oşkur"?

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As far as I know it's used to designate basically a dumb person who sacrifizes himself for others, e.g. like a village idiot who runs to the service of anyone who calls him.

But since I was also not able to find it in any dictionary or a web search, I'm not sure. It is apparently used in the central Anatolian region of eastern Ankara, possibly in the area of Kirsehir and Nevsehir.

I've only heard it once and the person who used the word didn't know the origin and had to explain the word, namely, someone naive and dumb who assists ungrateful people.

It is indeed strange that I wasn't able to find any reference at all to this word...

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Uskur is a ships propellor or screw, çift uskur is twin screw. Haven't got any closer yet but I will. :)

Edit; also found uçkur - waistband or belt. I asked a retired Turkish schoolteacher of both Turkish and English from Ankara and she'd never heard of oşkur.

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Meral I wouldn't be at all surprised if he made it up, in my village it seems to be the normal thing to do if you don't know the correct word, or reverse the vowels

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