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Residence Permit, Airbnb & Rental Contract

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Has anyone been approved for a Residence Permit while staying at an Airbnb place?

I want to stay in Turkey beyond my visa period so I can visit different regions in Turkey. Therefore, I don’t want to rent a place for months in order to obtain a rental contract to show the immigration officer. So far, I have been staying at Airbnb places and hotels as I move from one city to another.

If you have recently (in 2020) obtained a Residence Permit while staying at an Airbnb place or hotel, and not have had been tied to a long-term rental contract, please share your experience.

Thank you!

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There's an issue with Air B&B places. A couple of years ago a law was passed that said if someone rented a property to a foreigner, they had to report the stay to the police. This is because people from other countries, with bad intent, can use these places to avoid detection. Hotels automatically send their guest lists and passport information to police. So they extended it to private rentals.

If you were staying at a hotel, you could use it as your residence. And get a letter from the hotel saying that you were staying there. And if traveling, you could provide an itinerary during your residence permit interview. They're not having interviews lately because of the pandemic and applications and documents are mailed in.

If you were staying with a friend, the friend (and others on the title deed or rental contract), would have to go to a notary and sign a declaration that they would be responsible for providing you an address and that they would be responsible for any unpaid debts if you left.

So there isn't anything in the laws about using an Air B&B place. What I would suggest is that you call the immigration office help line, at 157. You can call that number from any phone in Turkey. There is an English option.

If you don't mind, would you come back and tell us what they tell you? I'd like to know what the procedure for that is, if there is any.

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