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ESL/EFL Teacher in Turkey

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Sam Niakan

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I hold a B.A. in Linguistics and an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), both from reputable universities in the US. I also have a TEFL/TESOL certificate and years of experience in teaching English. I am a US citizen but I'm considering working and living in Istanbul. Will my qualifications bring me a teaching job in universities in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey?

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You are well qualified for working in Turkey and you should have a good choice of jobs available.

Your options are:

University prep school

Private High School

Private primary or secondary school or even kindergarten.

I think most people would say the university prep schools provide the best positions. They have been shedding foreign staff recently because of employment restrictions and  a new requirement for all prep school teachers to have a masters degree, which you have so great.

Take a look around the istanbul univerisities to see who is recruiting. They all have websites in Turkish and English with vacancies listed. The best private universities in istanbul are koç and sabancı. There are many others of varying quality. There may be websites or forums that carry current vacancies, but I am not aware of any at the moment. There are many facebook forums for English teachers, greenlist, blackist etc

You will find lots of job offers from different places, be selective, there are massive differences in the quality of education and management at different institutions.

I teach in a state univeristy ELL department by the way.

For this term all university classes are online. Depending on the pandemic situation that may or may not change when the second terms starts in February.

Good luck in your search, best wishes, Fil


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Thank you so much for your helpful information, Fil. I live in California and it would be ideal if I could secure a job in Turkey before moving there. In the hope to make that happen I have sent a couple of emails in English to universities in Istanbul and Izmir, but I have not received any responses as of today; perhaps the language barrier is the reason. Would you know of any other way of trying my luck? Is there any possibility the school you teach in would have any vacancies? I am projecting to start teaching after the summer of 2021 as I am hoping the pandemic will have eased a little by then. 

Best Regards,


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