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How to Get a Birth Certificate with an Apostille from England to Turkey

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I found that my birth certificate was not acceptable as it needs to be legalised/Apostilled.

At first I thought that I could just order another verified copy from the registrar in England and have that Apostilled and sent to me in Turkey. However on talking to someone at the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes there is apparently no procedure for the Registrar to send a copy of my birth certificate from Reading to Milton Keynes.

I have to send my original certificate from Turkey to Milton Keynes where it will have an Apostille stamp applied and then sent back to me in Turkey by secure post. Cost of Apostille stamp £30.00 cost of return postage £25.00

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This is where you apply from

This below may still apply....from the FCO earlier this year. Bear in mind there is now to be another 1 month lockdown too..


Unfortunately at present the legalisation service is still suspended. Whilst we are reviewing this daily, the impacts of Covid-19 have meant that our staffing levels are not currently in a position to allow us to operate the service and continue receiving documents. We are doing our utmost to process the documents we have left in our office, and have created an urgent escalation channel that customers can contact should they believe their document has an exceptional circumstance by which it needs legalising. This will include situations such as repatriation efforts and imminent travel needs to prevent being stranded.

The following are a list of circumstances which the FCO would deem as urgent/exceptional reasons for requiring legalisation.
  • Death/bereavement i.e. documents relating to the repatriation of a body
  • Potential imprisonment
  • Potential deportation
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