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If a Turkish citizen has unpaid dept to a local bank could he be sentenced to be in prison??

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Hello everyone, 

I need some advice . I’m having a strong feeling that I’m being scammed . So, my Turkish bf came up with the info that he owes the local bank 1500 euro over some insurance and the money he withdrew from bank . And he says that he will be jailed soon . I’m not familiar with local Turkish law. 

His family just confirmed to me that he got picked up by police and jailed. This sound weird ! 

No court dates, no nothings ! 

Is it a scam ??? 

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See this topic. Mr. Ender Keleş, our community lawyer, has answered your question there. I can tell you that romance scams are common on the internet (not just in Turkey) and they usually involve the person getting another person to fall in love with them using their written words and free internet calls, then having some emergency which can only be solved by the other person sending them money.

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