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How Long Does it Take to Get a Message After a Residence Permit Application in Istanbul?

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I haven't heard of a message coming that late. If you still have a valid residence permit or visa you can leave the country and return. If you don't, you may be allowed in by signing a şartlı giriş bellgesi (conditional entry document) saying that you'll apply for a residence permit within ten days (even though you already have). I wouldn't rely on that though. Another problem is that if you're out of the country you won't be able to get the message when it comes. 

Hopefully it will come soon. I wouldn't travel outside of the country if you can avoid it.

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Yes thanks so much for your attentiveness..

 I come to feedback what is going on my E-application now. I was told I will be noticed at least 2 months by an immigration officer first,but I got  messages yesterday!! Yes, it is less than 2 weeks. I think it is probably because the district migration office I made my application for doesn’t have many cases. 
But once again,because of the virus,there is no appointments for interviews.The only thing we can do is to fill out our application forms correctly.

Wish you all are lucky too:):lol:

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Hey that's great news! Thanks very much for that feedback. We sometimes get questions about how long it takes for that message to come. And it makes sense that it would depend on how many residence permits a particular office is processing. And feedback like yours helps us know what's happening.

Good luck with your application! :)

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