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Attractions Near Kalkan

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:shake2[1]: Hi allI'm off to Turkey for the first time on Saturday. We're staying in Kalkan, Kas and would really appreciate some tips on the best attractions on the West Coast. We'd really like to see historical sights and also maybe drive through the mountains. We'd be grateful for any recommendations on places to see, or things to do. We have a car so travelling shouldn't be an issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you thanks

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Definitely go along to Kas. There's not a lot there to 'do' but it's got such a special atmosphere. Lovely places to eat or just sit and have a tea. Kalkan is lovely, but for me Kas is just a little nicer and less commercial. Then again, some may consider Kas a little too quiet. Saklikent Gorge is a nice day out. When I saw the 'blurb' I was worried about how much of the walk would be through water, but it's only the first part and it's only about as deep as your mid thigh. Cold though! You can also canoe over the sunken ruins of Kekova. I'm not overly fond of water, but I still found it a great day out.

Patara beach is a must if you like beaches - although Kalkan / Kas areas have their own nice little beaches too.

Try this link for more information - http://www.visitkalkan.com/1_7.asp?tour_type=1Kas / Kalkan are really lovely - I'm sure you'll have a great time.

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