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Wrong Name in Turkey Residence Permit Application

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My mother’s name was mistyped by tax office when I applied for my residence permit in 2014. Now, I am applying for my short term residence permit.

Will my application will be denied because I type my mother’s name correctly instead of the wrong one?

 I went to Istanbul Department of Immigration yesterday ,and they refused to correct my mother’s name, what should I do now?

My visa will be expired next week. I hope someone can answer me.

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When you apply online, you can either use the correctly-spelled name or the incorrectly-spelled one, I don't think it makes any difference. If the system accepts the correctly-spelled one, then you should be okay. If it doesn't, then use the incorrectly-spelled one. If the system won't take one or the other then it will give you an alert message when you try to submit the page. Then you can change it to the other spelling of the name.

As long as you're able to complete the application process and download your completed Residence Permit Registration Form, you'll be okay.

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OK that's good news. From what I was told by an immigration officer, if there are any mistakes entered into the system, they can correct them during the appointment or at the immigration office. In any case it's not a cause for rejection.

Thanks for the feedback, and good luck to you with your application! :)

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I think I should describe in details about what information I got at the immigration office.

I had made my online application this Monday, and I filled the form with my mom’s correct name.

I was refused to correct my mother’s name this Thursday at the immigration office, and he said he will correct it when I get my residence permit and I went to the immigration office again this Friday. At first I showed the other person my application form, and he told me there is 70~80% chance my application will be accepted, But 100% chance with incorrect name.  But 5 minutes later, I went back to ask again. The guy told me that there should be no problem, and I didn’t need to apply with incorrect name.

Actually if I didn’t ask for my tax information in a tax office, how will I know my mom’s name is misspelled?

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I called to 157 2 times to query. One told me that I need to use the misspelled name,because there is no interview. The other told me that if everything on my application form is correct, I will be fine.

At first when I went to a agency to do my application,and the system gave an alert message. They told me that my mom’s name is incorrect. But they did it again,and they keyed all names with dash between,it worked out.

 I am so confused. 

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I went to the İmmigration again yesterday,and they told me that I only can change my mom’s name with certificates of birth.

The other way is when I get my RP.But at the same time,he told me because my mom’s name is different from the system, so I can’t get my RP.

The other guy told me that It is a better way to use the misspelled name to apply for RP.

 My RP given in 2014 didn’t show my mom’s name on it,so I never know my mom’s name is misspelled.

 I did my application yesterday,but the Images code on computer didn’t come out,Although I finished my application,but I didn’t print it out. can I print it out again? Is anyone having  the same problem?

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