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Turkey Long-term Residence Permit Interruptions in Continuous Residence

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I have a confusion regarding the term 'legal resident of Turkey since 8 years'. It is currently my 5th year in Turkey but during this time I have visited my country several times. Most of the times my stay outside Turkey was below 90 days at a time but since the corona pandemic my stay outside Turkey this year has been for almost 10 months. During this time I am also taking university courses in my country for my masters degree. 

So this 10 month interruption will reset all my years or only this year will be lost and by providing educational proof as reason of being outside Turkey can this year be considered as uninterrupted stay? 

My short term tourist residence permit has been valid since all those years and is still valid at the moment and I also own real estate on my name since last three years. Kindly consider my situation and suggest me best possible outcome in my scenario.

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If you're outside of Turkey for health or educational reasons, it doesn't count towards the interruption of continuous stay in Turkey. So because you were getting education, and outside of the country for a reason you couldn't control, you won't have any problems when you apply for a long-term residence permit.

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