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Got my residence card but want to change address/apartment

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For changes of address in the same province it's pretty simple. You just need to report your change of address, in person, at the local office of the DGMM. You have 20 business days to do this.

I talked to one of the immigration officials in Antalya and he said the only thing they need is a utility bill. But just to be on the safe side, I would also take my rental contract and a regular copy of it (notarized copy not necessary).

You don't need an appointment. An immigration official will change your address in the national address registry.

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What you need is a taahhütname. In English it means "an undertaking." Your friend, and his spouse, if any, and/or anybody whose name is on the title deed or rental contract of the place you want to stay must go to a notary and have the taahhütname created. 

On the taahhütname they must say that they'll be responsible for making sure you either leave Turkey when the time comes or that you extend your residence permit, and that they'll be responsible for any debts you have if you leave Turkey without paying them.

The notary should know what you need and will probably have a template for one already.

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