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Got my residence card but want to change address/apartment

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For changes of address in the same province it's pretty simple. You just need to report your change of address, in person, at the local office of the DGMM. You have 20 business days to do this.

I talked to one of the immigration officials in Antalya and he said the only thing they need is a utility bill. But just to be on the safe side, I would also take my rental contract and a regular copy of it (notarized copy not necessary).

You don't need an appointment. An immigration official will change your address in the national address registry.

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What you need is a taahhütname. In English it means "an undertaking." Your friend, and his spouse, if any, and/or anybody whose name is on the title deed or rental contract of the place you want to stay must go to a notary and have the taahhütname created. 

On the taahhütname they must say that they'll be responsible for making sure you either leave Turkey when the time comes or that you extend your residence permit, and that they'll be responsible for any debts you have if you leave Turkey without paying them.

The notary should know what you need and will probably have a template for one already.

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Hi Ken

Turns out I opt to stay to my current registered apartment and not change. 

When I got my new residence card last August in Antalya, I checked in my edevlet and it is correctly updated with my adress. 

However when I typed in my edevlet, "yerlesim yeri belgesi" it still indicated a document from my previous residence in my old ikamet. As you mentioned, after we get our new residence card this year 2020, we don't need to register it to nufus or Muhtarlik right? Because the goc can do it for us. Just to clarify just in case I need this yerlesim belgesi when I apply for a bank credit card or something


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That's strange. You're saying that when you go to e-Devlet.gov.tr, on the screen, it displays your correct address, but when you use the site to get a residential address document, it has your old address?

That sounds like a problem with the population directorate (nüfus). It makes no sense to me why one of them would be updated and not the other, so it may be a problem they're not aware of.

They have a helpline at 199, you can call them and ask them about it or let them know about the problem. They have an English language option.

Yes it's true, you don't have to go to the nüfus to update your address any more. I double-checked this personally with an immigration officer. But maybe something fell through the cracks somewhere...

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Yes Ken, in my edevlet system under GOC idaresi section it indicates and correctly states my current residence. But when I type nufus, and it downloads a pdf account of yerlesim yeri it's still the old one.

Anyway as long as it's not needed to personally update then it's not an issue I guess. But I might need this yerlesim document if I get a new bank account as a supporting document but I doubt that I'll need this document for now. 

 Keep me posted. Thanks Ken. 

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I'd still recommend you get this straightened out at the Nüfus. What I meant by not having to go to the Nüfus to change your address was that the immigration officers can do it at the DGMM office. But for some reason your address isn't updating properly.

The reason I think you should get this fixed is because of something that happened to me once. I got off a ferry coming from Greece and the border control officer said I needed to go to the police station immediately (the police were handling residence permits at that time).

Apparently a police officer had come to my registered address (I don't recall why) and I wasn't there, because I had moved to another province. I had reported my address change at the new province and did everything correctly, and when I went to the police station they admitted the problem was their fault because they didn't update my record.

But because of the mix-up, when the police officer found that I wasn't living at my registered address, it set off some alarm bells and they put some kind of alert out on me.

So just to be on the safe side, I'd recommend you go to the nüfus with your address printout showing the wrong address, and your rental contract showing the correct address, so they can make sure the correct information is in the system.

If you do that, would you mind asking them why this is occurring? This could be a problem others have, and I'd like to be able to assist them if it happens again.

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