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Need to go urgently abroad but goc idaresi does not give 15 days document

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Hello everyone,

I am italian and I applied for a turistic residence permit at the beginning of August in Ankara. My 90 days will expire in 15 days.

My appointment was scheduled for september 23, and when I went and gave my application, they did not give me any receipt that certifies the fact that I applied.

Now I have an urgent reason to go out of Turkey, so I wanted to obtaine the 15 days document.

I went again to goc idaresi and they told me that my application was not visible and maybe I had missing documents.

They sent me to one of their offices, where thay said that I did not pay the one-time entry visa fee (on top of the residence permit fee).

No one told me that I should pay such fee, nor it is reported in the application document, and also I wonder when would they have told me that that payment was missing, since it passed almost 1 month since my appointment.

So I paid that fee and brought back the receipt to the office, which gave me my entire application folder an made me go to a different office.

I went there, but they say to come again in 3 days since there was no the responsible person.

So today I went again, hoping to get my 15 days document.

They took my application folder and said that if my residence permit card does not arrive in 15 days I will need to come to them again and ask for the 15 days document.

In all of this, until today the online system did not show any message relative to my application, it just showed the application form like before the appointment.

Since today, It is written: application under assessment.

Now, I need to go urgently, and it is more than 10 days that I am trying to get this 15 days document. What can I do, and it is normal that the procedure is so contorted?

Also, I do not have any document to show to police after my 90 days expire to show that I am not in overstay. What can I do for this?

I called and went multiple times to goc idaresi, police station, 157, my embassy, but did always get conflicting answers.

Thanks to whom will reply!

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