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Noter issue

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Diplomas cannot be posted or delivered to someone else. Only when a written request approved by the notary for the delivery of the diploma to a specific person is submitted to Student Resources, after id checking and getting signature the diploma is submitted to that person.

How can I do this? Should I go to the noter and give my and another person's ID? could we use just passport? We are both non-turkish citizens does it make any problem?

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Are they asking for a vekaletname (power of attorney)? That's probably what you need. You should be able to take a copy of the other person's ID card or passport and tell the notary that you want to give the other person power of attorney to receive your diploma. Also take the other person's address information. If they have a Turkish ID card or residence permit, take a copy of that so the notary can put their foreigner identification number on the power of attorney.

Then take the copy of the power or attorney to the student resources office, and make sure the person you want to receive your diploma also has a copy of the power of attorney since the deliver person may want to see it.


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So, should I request power of attorney? Actually, I think it is expensive. So, it is inevitable, right?

I mean we can't do in another way? vekaletname is itself expensive

Also, why the price is different in different noters?! This country is really weird!

Also, the person that I want to give power of attorney is not turkish citizen neither has id card. So, is it possible to do with only passport (not issued in Turkey)? Finally, can I do it myself or that person also should be present in noter?

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I think you should contact the office that told you that you needed a written request and ask them what exactly they need. It they need a power of attorney, you can give that to anybody, Turkish citizen or not, and use their passport as identification. The person you're giving power of attorney to doesn't need to be there.

But again, first find out if you need a power of attorney. If not, ask them exactly what you need and how it must be worded. And if it's not a power of attorney, I would think they could give you an example of what the document must say.

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