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No date available for appointment

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i just finish online application for RP, and at the end problem :(  I’m in Antalya/Muratpaşa so must choose Antalya goc idaresi for appointment and here give automatically date and I make okay but come no date available..

Someone had same problem? What should I do? 


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Things have changed since the start of the pandemic.

In the past, an application wasn't considered complete until you made an appointment and downloaded the Residence Permit Registration Form.

Here's the Google Translate version, I'm adding this so others can understand what the message says:


As all appointments are full now, you need to try again later. Note: Appointments can be made within 180 days from today.

I don't know how much time you have left on your visa or current residence permit, but as it says, you can try again on another day. But if you're close to the expiration of your current residence permit or allowed days in Turkey, you should call the 157 helpline for advice.

The main thing you need to ask them is if your application is complete, since you still don't have an appointment and have been unable to download your Residence Permit Registration Form. You're going to need a completed application to keep you legal in Turkey until your appointment day, whenever that is.

So you need to find out if your application is complete or not.

The immigration specialists at 157 can check your application using your application number, so have that ready when you call.

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