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Paying Turkish Residence Permit Fees Online

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Harç ve Değerli Kağıt Bedeli Ödeme


Göç İdaresi İkamet Tezkeresi Harç Ödeme

They need your Tahajkkuk Numarası (xxxxx number) please note that this number is different from your number in the first page of application. It is on the fifth page

Then you can pay by your card~

The total amount is the same as written in your application documents and it is constant


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OK. If your appointment is in Antalya, then after your interview, you'll get a Residence Permit Application Document, which is your temporary residence permit. Rejections after getting one of these is rare. But if you are rejected, you'll be notified by SMS to go to the DGMM office. There they'll tell you your application was rejected and give you a form with an option to appeal the rejection.

If you want to appeal you shouldn't go for a refund.

But if you decide you no longer want a residence permit and want your money back, take your residence permit application form and your rejection letter and receipts for the fees, to a tax office and ask for a refund. As I understand it, they also ask for a written request explaining that your application was rejected and that you aren't going to reapply for another residence permit.

They only send the refunds by bank transfer to a Turkish bank account, so you'll need one to get the refund.

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