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Significance Of Tonight For Islam?

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Yes, it was a Kandil festival. Mosque festivals are called Kandil, which means Candle. It is so called because all the mosques are illuminated and those are the nights on which Muslims pray for forgiveness and wish to see the right way of things to be done according to their religion.

The story of KandilThe five holy evenings on the Muslim calendar are called Kandil. During the Ottoman Empire Sultan Selim II of 16th century lit candles on the minarets of the mosques in order to announce these holy nights to the public. Since this calendar is calculated with the revolution of the moon around the earth the dates of the Kandils differ every year.

Mevlid Kandili - The birth of Prophet Mohammad (March 8, 2009)Regaip Kandili – The beginning of the pregnancy of Prophet Mohammad's mother (June 25, 2009)Mira

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I had always understood (and been told) that the origin of Aşure dates back to the days of Noah, when, after the flood, the people couldn't find much food at first, so everyone was asked to contribute whatever they happened to have at hand, and it was all put into a large pot & cooked. And that was the first ever Aşure ! Nowadays, ingredients may vary among regions.

Traditionally, it is cooked & distributed to friends & neighbours, and we have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of different varieties, which is nice because I've never attempted to make it. :hysterical[1]: I had thought (but not sure) that Aşure was traditionally celebrated around February (?). Yesterday I asked the local supermaket if they had any sultanas (as I couldn't find them), and they said they only stocked them at Aşure time (which didn't really make sense) !

Yes Sunny, it's good to be back home in Turkey ! :P

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Cemile neighbour could well have been right then when she said it wasn't this Kandil.

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