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leaving Turkey for one week

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Hello everyone

I applied for renewal my RP on the middle of August. and I am waiting to have the result, it may take up to 90 days.

 I have to leave Turkey urgently for one week. I called 157 and they told me I should write an email to [email protected]  to have a leaving permission.

I did send an email today, but the problem is I do not know when I will receive this permission and I have to leave on the 8th of October.

Any idea or suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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Unfortunately no reply yet, I am planning to visit nearest immigration office and talk with them, otherwise I had to leave without this letter. I do not know the consequences of that, but I have to do it and hope the officer at passport control desk will understand my situation.  

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I just realized something. If your residence permit application is an extension, then you can leave and return with an e-visa. The visa is a completely different thing, and as long as you haven't exceeded the amount of time a visa allows you to be in Turkey, which you haven't because you were here on a residence permit, you can buy an e-visa and return.

You might have to pay a fine for an overstay when you leave, though. Be sure to have your Residence Permit Registration Document which you downloaded at the end of the online application. Show that to them and hopefully you won't have to pay any fine.

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you have right Ken, exactly I have been told today at the immigration office in Maltepe/Istanbul. I can leave without any problem, but it might be to pay fine.

As I am holding a Danish passport I usually get a 90 days visa at the airport, so I do not need to obtain an e-visa. 

Thank you Ken, you always kind and helpful. 




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