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Migraine Sufferers

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Came home yesterday after a nightmare journey (enormous queues everywhere and long waits) and had a very bad attack of migraine. I lose vision in my left eye, it's like being underwater and I become enormously photo sensitive and have to lie in a dark room for a long time. I don't get severe headaches or naseau but just pulling in the eye and the vision goes and my eye weeps. I have learned to manage it, usually by keeping away from the computer for at least a week as I cannot bear to look at the screen. Stupidly forgot to buy medication in TR and my doctor here hasn't got an appointment for ages and I am being op'd on Thursday. Went into Boots and you have to fill in a long form which the pharmacist reads and decides if you can have the medication or not. He decided I couldn't so...arrrhgh!

Anyone else suffers from migraine and what are your (natural) techniques for coming out of an episode?

My last really bad episode lasted 2.5 weeks.

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So sorry to hear about your suffering. I have heard that Mohammed said that the cure for headaches is to put your feet in a bucket of ice water. I think it must take the blood out of the head rushing to keep the feet warm. I will try to google some other remedies and pass them on.

Here are some more ideas thanks to google. I hope you feel better soon.

There are natural remedies to the migraine plague.

They're simple and cheap (if not free). None of these are to replace prescribed medication but can be used in conjunction with your medication to bring relief about faster. They also complement each other.

Dark Room

If you suffer from migraine headaches and an attack begins then find the quietest, darkest spot in your home and lay down there. The area or should also be relatively warm to allow you to relax faster. Your eyes should remain covered but open. This usually means using some sort of blindfold but a scarf, long handkerchief or other material works just fine. Keep your eyes open as much as possible because experience has shown that shutting your eyes to try and cope with the pain uses extra facial and jaw muscles that can just increase the problem and not cure it.

If an attack has already begun then follow the same routine and take whatever prescribed medication you have.

Relaxed Breathing

A migraine attack generally brings on a sort of anxiety attack in the sufferer. They know how much it's going to hurt so their heart rate increases. This increase in blood flow makes the problem worse.

Once you've retreated to the quiet, dark area and covered your eyes from any possible stimuli then breathing is the next area to focus on. You must let your breathing relax. Panicked breathing will increase the pain you're already experiencing.

To allow your breathing to relax follow these steps:

1. Take a long slow deep breath and exhale equally slowly.

2. Again take a long, slow deep breath. As you're slowly inhaling focus on the sensation of the air filling your lungs. Feel the air filling your body. Once you've inhaled as much as is comfortable again exhale slowly. As you're exhaling focus on the sensation of the air leaving your lungs and escaping through your mouth. Breathe out completely.

3. Repeat the process of inhaling slowly, focusing on the sensation of the air filling your lungs and exhaling slowly 4 or 5 more times.4. By the fourth reptition you should notice that your breathing is far more relaxed and calm. Your heart rate should now also have lowered back to a resting rate and you may even feel slighly sleepy. If so embrace that feeling and allow yourself to fall asleep.

Lavender Oil

This is the final step in the process. Lavender oil is renowned for its medicinal properties and this is doubly so for migraine headaches. Lavender oil is cheap and completely safe to use. Only use pure Lavender oil for treating migraines - lavender scented fragrances or scented oils are useless. It must be the purest lavender oil you can find.

If you feel a migraine attack coming then grab your lavender oil. Place a single drop of pure, undiluted lavender oil on each temple or behind each ear. Also place 2 or 3 drops of undiluted lavender oil on the pillow you're going to rest on.

Combined with a quiet, dark room and the deep breathing technique the lavender oil provides that final "punch" in the natural treatments. The scent of the oil will relax you and simply inhaling lavender infused air helps to ease the pain of a migraine almost immediately.

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Yes, it does, thanks people:)) I will try to get those pills Chala recommended when I get back to TR. Meanwhile I will have to go to bed early (hey - no NOISE here!) and limit my time on the computer. The lady i got to know in the gym is a yoga teacher and I know for a fact that yoga helps all these neurologically caused problems. So in the absence of meds here, just have to ride it out. It's a BIG nuisance as it strikes mostly in the evenings when the light goes down and I have to use artificial light which my eyes hate (I have had 3 lasic ops which doesn't help) and I wonder how I will be able to teach (if I ever get any work) in the evenings again. The number one cause is tiredness and lack of sleep. I am mid-menopause and that combined with the racket outside my Turkish apartment at night means I've forgotten what a good night's sleep is there. It'll be different here at home but I have to go back. Morphine helps best of all but it's something best used rarely! I hope they give it me after the op. They are limiting its use even after painful ops because of course it can lead to a habit but after my last severe accident when I was nearly crippled I had to have it quite a few nights.

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Chala, anything's worth a try:) I believe strongly in acupuncture - but finding a good acupuncturist is hit and miss. I am sure that I can get stronger meds in Turkey but i have to wait two or three months for that:(Chala...are you also having probs finding work or aren't you trying right now? The ELS scene in Istanbul is horrible but I thought maybe other places were a bit better, no?

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Hi benhaterci, Sorry to hear about your nightmare journey back to the UK and then having to cope with migraine, too.

I am fortunate not to suffer with that problem (migraine, not nightmare journeys!) and I know you would much prefer a natural remedy. BUT, an English neighbour of ours here in

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Sorry to hear about your journey and your migraine. Gecmis Olsun.

I sometimes suffer from migraine too. The first sign is my periferal vision goes blury and then trying to read anything is impossible. If I take something (I usually use nurofen) straight away I'm usually OK, perhaps a little disorientated, having to think what I'm saying (what's new?).

Many years ago on the final day of teaching practise at Christmas a migraine started first thing in the morning so I took a tablet the doctor had given me and I've never felt so ill in my life! It did clear up and I struggled into school in the afternoon doing a good impression of Banquo's ghost!

I haven't taken special migraine medicine since.

I like the sound of the lavender/relaxing. I find that with most pain relaxing and deep breathing helps.

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Sunny, that was useful:) Yes, possibly the meds that Boots wouldn't let me buy would have been too strong. My optician also prescribed Nurofen for when an attack is coming on. I have tried them and they don't work but anything with a codeine content helps as this is a sedative and muscle relaxant.

Sunny, do you get extreme light sensitivity with your attacks? This for me is worse than the blurry vision. Any form of light, even sunlight is painful. I seem to have had migraine episodes practically every evening in Turkey and could hardly make it to the bedroom because of the vision loss and watering eyes.

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Yes, I do get more light sensative and also I feel tired.

Another thing worth tryingwhich works sometimes for me, is to have a very hot shower and let the water playon/massage your back. I think because the hot water opens your capilliaries lower down in your body it takes blood away from your brain. Anyway, it works sometimes. I found it very useful when I was pregnant and didn't want to take any tablets and another thing that sometimes worked then was to sit down, trying to relax with a very strong cup of coffee.

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I can't believe it.......how strange...... I've just come on here and seen this thread for Migraine.....

I have spent the last 2 and half days suffering the most horrific headache... I have been taking normal ibuprofen tablets, yesterday I took about 8 over the day they didn't make any difference, I have never suffered headache like this before, I was feeling quite nausea and my eyes were hurting so much, if I had poked them out the pain would have been less..

At 7.30pm last night I went to bed and slept all through to this morning only to awake with the same headache, I took some more pills and went back to bed then called work to say I couldn't possibly go in, I've not been up long........ Last Friday I had to go have an Iron Infusion........ after several months back and forth to the hospital for blood test etc they have discovered that I am very anemic, my iron level is only 4 and should be about 12/13....... they put me on a dose of iron tablets for 4 weeks and it hasn't made any difference at all so that's why they said I would have to have the infusion.......... I'm wondering if it's a side effect of this......... trouble is I have to have another this Frid and then were off to Turkey on Tuesday, I hope I'm not going to be feeling like this next week as well.......... I will mention the headache when I go to the Hospital on Frid........ they did say that I may start to have very bad flu symptoms, a side effect from the infusion............

Hope you get better soon benh.............hope I get better soon

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Sorry to hear about another eye popping head ache. I had one only once and went to bed. I was sure I was having a stroke. Went off birth control pills and never had another one. I have no idea if there was any connection. Of course, I have ten kids now. (Just kidding!!)

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Normally I feel it coming, enormous headache, nauscious, light is hurting my eyes.

Nurofen, and a dark room, no noise: after 2 days it is gone.

My mother and grandfather had it [email protected] Debbie: it definately can be a side effect of the Iron transfusion.

My wife had this a while ago :) she is using medicins, and this is one of the side effects, her iron level was 4.5 the last time.


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benh - as a fellow migraine sufferer, I truly sympathise.

It's the only pain I know that makes you feel that you want to die. I know that sounds extremely dramatic, but I cannot describe the pain and sense of frustration I feel.

My triggers are strong perfumes, certain lighting, and and letting my blood sugar get low by not having regular meals.

My symptoms are sensitivity to smell (could smell food from houses away, honestly), lights behind the eyes, sensitivity to light, nausea/vomitting, throbbing in the temples and acute pain in the head that just makes me cry.

I've tried that stuff from the chemist's that you have to have the interview for - Imigran Recovery - which is supposed to interrupt the signals in the brain. Didn't work for me - even though I tried something similar a few years ago which worked within seconds.

Migraleve used to work, but doesn't seem to any more. These days I use Excedrin Migraine, which I order over the internet from America. It's a combination of Aspirin and Acetominophen, with a bit of caffeine (so if there's something similar in Turkey, you could ask in an eczane.

If I catch it at an early stage, I rarely get migraines these days - or they are much reduced if I take them late.

For more natural ways to ease the symptoms (doesn't clear them), I also have menthol balm that I use on my temples - it's very soothing. Tiger Balm works, those 4head sticks or even a small amount of Vicks balm. Obviously, darkened room, sleep..... A cold flannel applied to the temples to try to constrict the veins and reduce the throbbing helps a bit. Some say a hot bath - though that can also worsen things, as the idea is to constrict blood flow not increase it.

Oh, and apparently having an orgasm is a natural remedy, as it takes all the blood from the head area to elsewhere. But who the hell has the inclination or the ability to try for one of them when in the throes of a migraine......???

Must have been a journey from hell. I hope you manage to find relief next time.

Take care.

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