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How to Get Your HES Code Using Your Smartphone

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I just got my HES Code. Here's a breakdown of what you have to do using your smartphone.

If you're a foreigner with a foreigner ID number

Send an SMS message to 2023. In the message write 

HES, your foreigner ID number, your year of birth, and sharing time in days. Put a space between each item.

It would look like this:

HES 99111111111 1975 365

If you're a visitor without a foreigner identification number:

Send an SMS message to 2023. In the message write 

HES, your nationality, passport number, year of birth, and last name. Put a space between each item.

It would look like this:

HES United Kingdom 1234567 1974 Smith

I received a reply which said:

9913456712 (Foreigner Identification Number) Numraralı TCKN için HES KODUNUZ: N4G2 - 1111 - 11

30.09.2021 10:28 tarihine kadar gecerlidir.

Which says my HES code and that it will be shared until this day next year.

Next I got a message saying 

HES kondunuza  ait karekodu adresi

Then it gave me a link.

This took me to a page with a QR barcode which could be read with a barcode scanner.

At the bottom it had a link  saying 

HES Kodunuzun karekodunu oluşturmak için tıklayın.
When I clicked this, the HES code document downloaded to my smartphone in a PDF document. So if somebody needs to scan it, I now have it saved in my files on my smartphone.

I had trouble finding where it downloaded to, but clicked on 

My Files --> Recent Files

And found it. I was then able to move it to the phone's internal storage and opened a folder for it called "HES Code." So now I can pull that up anytime somebody needs to see it or scan it.

You can also get an HES Code using Turkey's online government portal, e-Devlet. Just go to this link:




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I was just watching the news and they were showing the police checking the passengers on a long-distance bus. They were using a scanner to scan their ID cards.

So since your HES code is associated with your foreigner identification number, I'm assuming you can get into a building or public transportation with your ID card.

I have to go to the post office tomorrow so I'll let you know what happens!

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In public places they just ask your code and enter to system to verify it. I did it on Friday. Not all places do that For example I went to kaymakanlik health center. They did not check!

This hes code is really a sh..t thing! it does not mean anything really. I also had internal flight they did not check

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On 30/09/2020 at 17:35, IbrahimAbi said:

So how does it work if you choose not to have a smartphone? Anyone got any ideas?

I have smartphone but I didn’t get this link or bar code like Ken ... just come sms 

B*********** numarali Pasaport icin HES KODUNUZ:
Xxxx - yy- Zz 

"18.09.2021 10:03" tarihine kadar gecerlidir. B001 

and another same sms but different kod I don’t know why 2 times..

when I go to Goc Idaresi I just show to this man at door this sms and that’s it.. Same situation I had when I go to Notary.. just show sms..

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