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Apostille for Our Marriage License in Turkey

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Application in progress to extend our 2 year residence permit. We are dual citizens of  the UK and Georgia.

We have always used our Georgian passports in all our dealings in Turkey. We have been told by immigration office in Alanya that they need a apostille marriage certificate from Georgia now.

I am in the process of arranging that now. When we receive it, it has to be translated in Turkey and registered in Ankara.

My questions are:

  1. Do we both have to go to Ankara or is it possible to do it by post?
  2. Is it better to have the apostille in English rather than Georgian, then translate it to Turkish here?
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If I may ask, where did you hear that it had to be registered in Ankara? I haven't heard of that requirement. What happens is when you get the apostille and the marriage certificate translated by a sworn translator, the translation is sworn before a notary. Then the translation and a copy of the marriage certificate is registered and stored in the notary's archive. At that point it becomes a legal document in Turkey, and the notary's office is the repository. So just having it in the notary's archive should be sufficient.

I don't see how it would matter what language the apostille is in before it's translated. All the apostille does is verify that the document was actually issued by the office that is supposed to issue it. It validates the source of the document for all other countries which are signers of the international Apostille Convention. If you can get one in English, it would probably be easier to find a sworn translator who can translate English into Turkish. I'm assuming that's why you want it in English. :)

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Thanks for your knowledge Ken, the info came from the government office where the residence permit renewal interview is held. It is because we hold Georgian citizenship and entered Turkey from the UK using them simply because we were exempt from needing a tourist visa. Unfortunately a new law in now in place that all Georgians now have to have the marriage documents apostille and then register them at the republic of Turkey foreigners office in Ankara. Common sense now tells me you are right in what you say, I will ask the gov office again on Monday, I think some info has got lost in translation with them. Yes, you are correct, my thinking is much easier to have it translated into English in Georgia because I feel it will be difficult to get Georgian translation done here. Thanks for your help and speedy reply, will let you know how I go on when the apostille arrives.

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Thanks for getting back to us on that. I hadn't heard that before. Perhaps it's a law which affects Georgian citizens or perhaps other countries as well. It seems strange to me because if the document is notarized, it's already an official record in the archive of the notary. And I can't think of any reason why they would require a separate repository for marriage certificates.  If you learn anything more on this please post it in this thread. Good luck with getting all of that taken care of! :)

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Hi Ken, more information to update on marriage apostille. We applied for our residence permits without the apostille and  received confirmation that the residence permits have been posted to our address yesterday. If we were 1st time applicants we would have needed the apostille of marriage. Georgia is one of a few countries that have to comply and provide this document. Had we used our UK passports when we first entered Turkey the problem of needing an apostille would have been avoided.

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