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Beer Can Chicken!

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I just heard about this today so thought I'd try it out. What do you know? It really does taste good.

Take one chicken, remove giblets if present, pat dry with kitchen towel, drink half a can of dark beer and stick the remaining half full can up the chicken's backside, put some rosemary in the neck for flavour and put in a medium (180 degree) oven until cooked (depends on size but between two and three hours should suffice)

Posted Image

Don't shove the can too hard because it will buckle and the chicken won't stand up then.

Posted Image

Mmmm does this look tasty? Pour the remaining contents of the can into the meat juices and thicken with cornflour to make a fabulous gravy.

Posted Image


PS> You can also baste the chicken with a salty egg paste to make the skin crackly and tasty before putting it in the oven.

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It looks lovely.........

What other kind of larger or beer could I use (English) we don't have many places I can go to find Efes......but would like to try it....

Quite a large chicken you were using there cukurbagli........... were you expecting friends.....

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Sirin - by all means pass it on, the more the merrier.

Joz - not a waste, an extra half can of beer for me to drink! Lateral thinking my friend!

Debbie - don't use lager, it doesn't have the taste that dark beers have. In UK use something like stout (Guiness). Only about a two kilo chicken Debs, enough to have a couple of nice dinners and make a sandwich for lunch.

Yas - just boiled.

I really recommend pouring the beer into the chicken juices and thickening it to make gravy. Pour off the chicken fat first though.

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