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Legal Case Against Plumber in Turkey

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I still can not believe what is happened to us, we had a water leakage in our very new apartment, spoke to the developer , he was willing to fix it , we were very surprised by his way, because we know he is not a good helper, anyway we trust his attitude. He sent a plumber to inspect the problem, and the developer decided to fix it on his cost. the plumber came made more damages , broke the ceramic in the bathroom , then he left and refuse to come back , talked to the developer again and he show us his real face and his usual rudeness,  the developer refuse to continue fixing. we are shocked by this behaviors.

We talked with some friends about it , they told us: may he did it on purpose !!!!!!! ,   In deed if this is right , so it is time to rethink seriously about living in this country.   

I hope no one had faced the same, my question is:

Is there any legal help can allow us to get our right from both the plumber and the developer?

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Mr. IbrahimAbi, 

Thank you for your reply , developer mean construction company. 

Usually I get a good advices from you Mr. IbrahimAbi, but this time I did not like your reply at all, because:

- I am in a trouble and I need some useful advices and not a lessons.

- Secondly I did not judge the country, I said I will leave the country if it was true what I heard from my friends, and that is very different.

I am still waiting for some advices hopefully from others.


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Hi Fada, 

First of all, sorry for the things you have been through. We are definitely so sad that this kind of inconviences are happening everyday in our home country.

According to applicable law, builders are responsible for the defects for 5 years against buyer and their responsibility period may go up to 20 year for the hidden defects. You can claim material damage against builder if you are within this call period. In your care we are talking about the whole damage, including the extra damage given by the plumber, provided that you prove plumber worked with the instruction of the builder.



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