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The Devlet Hastane Kusadasi

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I Thought I would share this with you all on the Forum.

Its all about my partners experiance of time spent in our local public Hospital here in Kusadasi.

This is his story

The Future Looks Bright

For The Devlet Hastanesi Kusadasi

By Colin Veitch

Firstly just a little about me.

In my previous life I was a self-employed continental trucker. In august 2002 at the age of 49 an elderly French lady decided to end my career by causing an accident, in France which left me unable to walk let alone drive. Over the last seven years I have visited many UK hospitals for various ops to put me back together. I came to live in Turkey in the hope that the climate here would help the healing process

I tried to get health insurance but the costs were beyond me.

After living here for 1 year or so a kindly Turk knocked me of my motor bike, bystanders called an ambulance which because I am a foreigner automatically took me to the private hospital. The treatment I got was fine.

I spent 2 nights there and the bill was 1800 British Pounds.

A few weeks ago I started to feel poorly, my partner suggested that I speak to her doctor (Dr Onder Karabulut).

Initially he wanted me to go to the private hospital at Izmir for a full MOT. When I explained that I had no insurance he suggested that is colleague at the public hospital (Dr Ulusoy) could do the tests as an in-patient. Being a man I did not want to go but my partner convinced me it was important to find out what was wrong. Last week I spent 5 days and night

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..in kusadasi we have had nothing but praise for the devlitt hastane here in kus ,as a matter of fact, i live just cross the road as i live in an appartment beside the turkin hotel, myself and my partner are already registered there,my daughter in law had a threatening miscarriage a couple of years ago ,she was given a scan to see if baby was ok ,and steroids and other tablets ,also a blood test ,and the total bill came to 35ytl ,i have had quotes for private health insurance here ,and nearly passed out with the shock it was in the thousands for a year ,it would be sods law if we got it, and reached our old age and could,nt afford it then something would happen to us..we have had many comments on how clean this hospital is ,also i had a friend there last year ,in with a mild stroke he had a private room there with telly and all his meals for 25ytl a night.and all his medication ,so it is worth while to register ,for peace of mind..

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Thank you all for your input. It's very interesting and reassuring to know that you can get good health care without it costing an arm and a leg. Perhaps I'll move to Kus. :offtopic2[1]:I hope Colin's condition improves in the warmer weather.

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I would also advice you to check if there is social security agreements between Turkey and the UK (A lot fo people on local level wouldn't know this)If there is, it would mean that you could get ambulance for free of charge and then you could also get free of charge treatments and medication in private hospitals that's if some services not available in state hospitals..

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