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Changing from student residence permit to turistic one

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My situation is somewhat complex. My student permit is valid until January 2021. However, I defend my thesis and finished my study. On the other hand, I still have not finished the obligation (clearance process) from the university. I asked from the university and they said that "I checked, you have just an Information technology obligation. Graduation process is continuing. Your graduation date will be 05 June 2020 when the process complete. "

I doubt whether I stayed illegally in country! I left Turkey on 30 June 2020. Nobody told me anything in border. I turned back to Turkey on 15 August 2020 and again officer did not tell me anything. I checked my e devlet and it is written my residence status as open (AÇIK).

By the way, what should I do to apply for turistic visa. Also, my passport has just 7 months for expiring!

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Actually your student residence permit expired on your graduation date. Then you had ten days to leave Turkey or apply for a residence permit. I guess you were lucky! :)

To return to Turkey, you just have to apply for and receive an e-visa. You can do that at https://www.evisa.gov.tr/.

You passport must be valid for at least 60 days beyond your last day of stay in Turkey.

Sorry for the delay on my reply, I just noticed that your question hadn't been answered.

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Ken thank you

I am in Turkey! (also note that for applying for rp you should be in Turkey). Also, for iranians they could be in country for 90 days and no need for visa but then they should apply

would you also please answer my another question? I was graduated at 5'th of june. I exit the country at 30'th of June from ground border. None of the officers told me anything about fee/penalty. I think because of corona they are somewhat flexible. Then I turned back on 15'th of August? I went to goc idaresi to assess my situation. They said that how do you enter the country!?? (because iranian students with valid rp card) could enter Turkey just once and my card is valid till 21.02.2021. However, they took my card and punch it!! I had my other cards in my pocket they never did that before I mean I never went to goc but this time I think it is better to go.

Meanwhile, I have changed my passport and I am waiting for it. I applied with my previous passport but I will send both the  passports which the new one has 5 years of validity. I hope they also consider it

Then they said that you normally have 90 days to apply for rp since you exit and enter the country. The same day they cancelled my rp from system I applied for new rp. I even could not make a transfer application since it did not recognize me! I just apply as a new applicant (even though I have been here for 2 years and 8 months). Please help me

Actually, there is a rule the students have 6 months after graduation to do sth in Turkey I hope they won't reject me:(

So, do you think it will make any problem for me?  By the way I recently understood you can pay the tax online you do not need to go to tax offcie. If you want or give me any specific membership in website I can share it. Nobody knows it:)

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