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Working as Assistant Professor in a Turkish University ??

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Hello everyone


Hope you are doing well. First, I would thank in advance for all those who would read and respond to my post.


A brief about me. I am a 36 years old married Muslim male with two small daughters (elder one would reach school going age by next year). I am an Indian and currently work as an Assistant Professor in a central government (Public) university. For those who are American, it’s a tenure track position. I hold a doctorate in my field (organizational behavior) and currently teach Masters Students. Though the job I hold is one of the best jobs in India, both financially and socially but if you happen to keep track of world news, you might be aware of the prevailing situation of the atrocities against minorities in India, especially Muslims. Amidst this, I don’t foresee a bright future for my kids in India, due to which I intend to migrate before it gets very murky. I was very much interested for Canada but considering my age, my points are falling very short of the required points under their express entry program. Among all other countries (suiting my requirements), I found Turkey to be the only one giving nationality on an investment of 250,000 USD. Hence, I became interested in Turkey and now I intend to seek citizenship but before that I am researching on my acceptance (in Turkey) and the employment opportunities in my field (i.e., University teaching). (I mentioned my background because of two reasons, first, it might help someone to give me a more customized answer and 2nd, I invite people to even comment on my intention itself of migrating to Turkey, knowing that people are already living there)  


I would request someone to answer my questions or kindly give me the contacts of someone (maybe a University professor) who can.


1.       Are you aware of acceptance of foreign faculty in Turkish universities to teach courses other than English language related courses (specifically MBA / Masters in Organizational Psychology / Organizational Behavior / Human Resource Management)


2.       If yes, what’s their acceptance for a person whose qualification and experience is from a 3rd world country? (especially India) I am making this statement because previously I have applied in Gulf countries and know there exists a positive bias towards candidates having nationality, qualification and experience from Western countries (primarily, US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany etc.)


3.       What’s the average salaries for University teachers? Is there a salary difference between Public and private universities?


4.       Is knowing Turkish a job requirement, even for being recruited to teach those courses where medium of instruction is English?


5.       Is there a law which restricts hiring of foreign nationals only to private universities?




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