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Got My First Pool And Am Clueless

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum - have lived in Dalyan for about a year and have just moved house and acquired my first ever swimming pool. My grandaughter is visiting from 3rd April and is expecting a functioning pool. Can anyone help with advice and/or recommend a local guy who would help with our first empty, clean and fill.

Regards Anna

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Hi AnnaSorry but I cannot give you any recommendations as I don't live in Turkey or have a pool there, just wanted to say that although it is a bit daunting to start with it's nonetheless a lovely problem to have. Agree about looking in the business directory and of course you can always ask your neighbours who they use....

Have fun in the sunKind regardsSaina

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theres a guy on this site, www.dalyanlive.com, called dalyansteve who supplies a chlorine free pool system, which i believe works out quite a bit cheaper and better for the environment.tell him i sent you, you wont get a discount but you might get a drink ;-}

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I do not have a pool but several of our neighbors do. All of them leak! They used concrete and tile and require a lot of maintenance to keep them from leaking. Perhaps others have had similar experiences? I did a Google search for "fiberglass pools compare with concrete" and found this among many others:http://www.wisegeek.com/are-fiberglass-swi...-good-value.htmThe article in part says: "The interior fiberglass is sealed at the manufacturer to create a smooth, nonporous surface unlike the plaster on concrete. The surface doesn't interact with the water or affect your pool's chemistry. It uses less harsh chemicals and requires less frequent cleaning This is important for people who don't want to scrub a pool or have allergies to strong acids like chlorine.

Fiberglass swimming pools save money in other kinds of maintenance as well. Their structure doesn't develop cracks as easily as concrete, therefore they don't need to be resurfaced, replastered, or grouted. Even vinyl liners that don't crack, eventually wear down and must be replaced. Fiberglass swimming pools are particularly popular on the west coast where earthquakes are a frequent occurrence because they bend with the ground instead of splitting or popping."Everywhere in Turkey is a potential earthquake area so look around, ask around and do not do "as the others do" until you are sure they are doing the right thing.

I hope this helps

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